Hi, I am Lisa Georgina

Conscious approach to a health active lifestyle.

I am a business women/ entrepreneur and live in Essex with my 2 beautiful children.

As a family we have a healthy active lifestyle; where I encourage my children to eat healthy and make better choices, we also attend fitness classes together and have so much fun as a family.  

When daily schedules, routines and work commitments sometimes get in the way and we find ourselves in this vicious circle from time to time. So when it comes to our lifestyle, we sometimes need a little help in achieving our personal goals

Let me show you how easy it is to get the results you want,  just like I did and how you too can maintain your goals, gain energy and live a healthier active lifestyle without going on a diet.

I’ll show you in my step by step healthy meal plan or healthy breakfast plan how to eat well, live well and enjoy the life you have been given.

Email lisa@lisag.co.uk to sign up and take the first step forward towards your personal fitness goals.