Thank you lisa!

It's great to know i am helping so many people, below are just some of the testimonials i have received.


Testimony from Rose Nightingale


I first started attending Old Harlow Fitness Club as having a job where I sit down most of the day and not having a lot of spare time to attend the Gym I thought that this would be a good idea.  Coupled with the fact that over the winter months I had put on weight and wanted to lose this for summer.

When I attended the class it was like no other I had attended.  I was met by the friendly face of Lisa Gates who over the next couple of months explained to me not only the importance of exercise but nutrition.  I soon became addicted and changed my life style which has left me feeling a lot fitter and having lost in all one and half stone much happier in myself.

One of the things that was different about Lisa is that she regularly arranged 30 day body challenges which kept me motivated and gave me something to aim for.  The body challenges incorporated exercises you could do at home with meal plans.  If I did not have this I think I would have fell off the wagon quite quickly as in the past I have found exercise alone boring.  At the classes Lisa keeps these varied and enjoyable which has helped me keep going.

Lisa is an inspiring young lady who is always happy to help you along your journey and I am grateful to her for believing in me and keeping me going.


Thank you Lisa xxx

Testimony from Stefania Faimer


Throughout my adult life I have tried all sorts of diets to loose weight, some of them were successful but as soon as I stopped I would put the weight back on and more.

Diets have always been very depressing for me as I hate weighing my food and having to starve myself.

I have always tried to go to the gym and stay active especially because of my desk job but I knew it wasn’t enough.

At the end of 2016 I was at my heaviest weight and kept putting healthy eating aside, I knew I had to do something especially because my back and knees pains were getting worse but I also knew that I could not do it by myself.

One day I came across a post on Facebook from Lisa whom I met through a mutual friend. She was advertising a 30 day challenge starting in January 2017; I thought that was just what I needed so I decided to join.

Lisa came over and talked me through the details of the challenge and the thing that really appealed to me was that she did not want me to give her my goal in numbers (weight loss) but instead focus on something I was struggling with that I wanted to improve so I said that I would love to be able to put on my socks without feeling breathless and aching.

She also introduced me to supplement products which funnily enough I used for a short time when I was a teenager back in Italy; I knew the products were good otherwise they would have not been around for so long!

I started eating healthy & supplimenting with products. which was very practical for me as I work long hours and do not have much time to prep food. Lisa introduced me to well-balanced and nutritious eating habits rather than weighing food and eat low calories stuff (which by the way is not very good for you). I eat five times a day, breakfast, lunch and two healthy snacks and a well-balanced dinner.

After my first 30 day challenge I have lost 10 pounds, 3.4% body fat and 48cm combined loss on my whole body but more importantly I was able to put on my socks and lace up my shoes with no struggle.

I am about to start my 4th 30 days challenge, I am in a much better shape I have been in a long time, my clothes fit much better, some are too loose now, I have more energy and my joints are thanking me :o)

I highly recommend Lisa as a Health and Fitness coach as she is always there whenever you need her, she replies to messages within minutes (literally!!) and she has introduced me “again” to healthy eating and supplement products which I still use and cannot live without.


Thank you Lisa

Testimony from Gemma Garstang


Before starting my healthy living and eating plan with lisa i was always tired. My job is really demanding, I start early in the morning so I was skipping breakfast as i didnt have the time.

The meal plan totally changed my life. It takes me minutes to make up and i can take it along in the car with me. My energy levels have seriously increased. Lots of my friends have noticed the difference in my postive attitude to life now.

I recently encouraged my dad totry lisa's plan as i was feeling he is probably one of the most sinical people i know after about 7 weeks of nagging he finally gave it a go and has lost 7 pound in over a week and a half having the breakfast in his plan improved his diet.

His mind has totally changed and his now sharing with his friends how good he is feeling. It shows it works for all people wanting to achive different things mine was engery levels and my dad's was wait loose.

I have also started to use suppliment products recommended by lisa, and i have always been relatively fit but these are a game changer im finally getting the results i want as im fueling my body with what it needs.


Thank you Lisa for introducing me to this life changing plan.

Testimony from Emma Weston


Lisa has helped me to lose an incredible 4 stone so far and we are still going strong.

Lisa helped me to change my eating habits into having the right things her nutritional knowledge is impressive.

Not only this Lisa encouraged me from the very beginning to get active and join her exercise classes, which now I love!!! She always made me feel welcome and it was never intimidating joining in (always used to dread exercises).

Lisa has always kept me motivated even when I've messed up she helped me realise it's small changes and steps towards getting the body you want.

She's always there at the end of a phone or a message and has been a massive support in getting me this far. Introducing me to exercises, eating habits and new challenges I never thought I was capable of!

Can't wait to see our end result together


Thank you Lisa

Testimony faye Britten

Since teaming up with Lisa at Fit Club in Jan 2017, I have learnt so much from her. Lisa has helped me grow as a person and helped me feed my body the correct nutrition to get the best from my body. By Lisa doing this I have dropped 2 dress sizes, dropped 7% body fat and also gained muscle. I now look at my body in the mirror and like what I see all thanks for Lisa. I really cannot thank her enough for helping me  be the best I can be and believing in me.

She has been an amazing support on my journey and has also given me the  opportunity to train and help her run the classes at Fit Club.

Thanks lisa x